About Gleeson Neon Advertising Pty Ltd

Gleeson Neon has been supplying large format corporate identity illuminated sky signs for over thirty years in the Sydney and North Sydney CBD areas. We have project managed the supply of over 100 large illuminated signs in high rise locations. All projects were delivered via our unique “Turn Key” process whereby GNA manages and controls all aspects of the project. This includes the design, engineering, council approvals, supply and installation of the sign project from inception through to illumination. We offer the signage package on a fixed fee payable on project completion.

We provide a comprehensive extended warranty for all signage and a maintenance contract after the warranty period if requested.

In addition to the above services we provide “Advertising Sites” for the display of your corporate identity. Tenancy is not required in North Sydney for the display of a registered corporate logo unlike Sydney CBD where major tenancy in the building is required.

We specialize in:

Designing the Best Sign Possible, Building the Best sign Achievable, And Maintaining the Standard.

Our Thanks to Past and Present Clients:

RICOH, Sunsuper, Carnival Australia, Panasonic, Hitachi, AGL, Genworth Financial, LG, Brother, CIT, CSC, Mastercard, PKF, BDO, People Telecom, NRMA, Allianz, Toshiba, United Group, Sophos computer security, Star City (animated spectacular) NEC, Sanyo, Novell, KPMG, One Tel, Ernst & Young, AAP, Yahoo!, AAPT, MSB, SONY, Marconi, Commercial Union, Canon, MMI, bea, PHILIPS, TECO, Lucent Technologies, COMPAQ, Egis, AIDC, CIC, Price Waterhouse and the ANA Hotel.

More Projects

Gallery of GNA signs.

52. Canon Mastercard and Yahoo!